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We all know that certain things are bad for our teeth – biting too hard on some objects, using the teeth as tools, and myriad other things that can be potentially harmful.

However, there are also certain foods from which you should refrain eating if you want to have the best oral health possible. Let’s take a look at what three of those are, and why Dr. James C. Ma here at James C. Ma in Tulare, California, advises you to stay away from them.


While we all love the sugary drink, it’s absolutely horrible for your teeth. The sugar and acid combine to form a double assault on your enamel, the hard outer layer of your teeth which is responsible for protecting them from cavities, erosion, and infection.

Sugary food

Cake, brownies, cookies, and pie – it’s all great to eat but not great for your waistline – or your teeth. The amount of sugar in sweets and desserts is bad because it has the tendency to stick to your teeth, creating more plaque and potential for cavity development.


While meat is an important part of your diet – making sure you get the protein you need – too much of it can get stuck between your teeth. That’s devilishly hard to remove, and avoiding shredded meat is a great way to decrease the likelihood of cavities.

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