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Patients who grind their teeth at night or who participate in vigorous athletics without the use of a protective mouth guard are at increased risk of suffering damaged teeth and dental work. If you have a chipped or damaged dental bridge or dental crown, you need to have it examined and treated by James C. Ma’s dentist as soon as possible.

While you are waiting for your appointment with Dr. James C. Ma you should note attempt brush, floss or clean the damaged dental bridge. This could potentially harm an internal abutment or lead to other unnecessary complications.

If a blow to the mouth has left you with blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse it away with a little lukewarm saltwater. Our dentist and the staff at James C. Ma handle any other cleaning measures.

Once we have assessed the severity of the damage, we will help you understand your treatment options.

This might call for uninstalling and replacing the damaged dental bridge. If a blow to the mouth has also damaged an abutment, we might need to perform a root canal to restore sufficient structure for anchoring a new bridge in place.

Going forward you might want to take proactive steps to address the cause of the damage to your dental work. This might call for using a dental guard when you sleep or wearing a mouth guard during athletic activities.

If you are in Tulare, California, and you are having problems with your dental bridge, you should call 559-688-4111 to have it treated at the dental practice of James C. Ma.