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Dental caries often develop when poor oral hygiene demineralizes an area of tooth enamel. Without treatment from a professional dentist like Dr. James C. Ma the tooth decay can gradually spread to compromise a significant amount of the remaining healthy tooth.

Sometimes Dr. James C. Ma can treat a severe cavity by performing a root canal. This will remove any compromised tissues from the interior of the tooth. Then Dr. James C. Ma will restore sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown.

If the tooth is in dire condition or a large abscess has developed in the underlying periodontal tissues, Dr. James C. Ma might suggest an extraction. Once any infected material has been removed, Dr. James C. Ma will suture your gums and provide you with a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics.

When you are ready Dr. James C. Ma can restore the tooth by installing a dental bridge. This piece of dental work is essentially a single artificial tooth that will be fused to open crowns on each end. This typically requires two separate appointments. During the first visit, the dentist prepares the two neighboring teeth as abutment anchors for the dental bridge.

After the bridge been created in a dental lab Dr. James C. Ma will cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Tulare, California, area and you have a tooth with a severe cavity, you should call 559-688-4111 to seek professional treatment at James C. Ma DDS.