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The options for tooth restoration are seemingly endless. Whether you lost a tooth due to it being knocked out, a bad cavity, or gum disease that you’ve since cured, the fact remains that deciding on how to replace your missing teeth isn’t easy.

We recommend an in-depth consult with Dr. James C. Ma to determine your best course of action based on your currently oral health, but in the meantime, we’ll look at one of the more popular restoration procedures: dental bridges.

What are they?

Dental bridges are a piece of cosmetic dentistry that helps anchor crowns or implants in your mouth, in order to restore lost teeth. Sometimes, you don’t need a bridge to help support the new teeth, but at times it’s necessary due to the state of your oral health.

How do they work?

Bridges are generally made up of two or more crowns that sit on teeth adjacent to the space where the missing tooth was. Once the crowns are in place, they’ll be connected to a false tooth inserted in the empty space, supporting to the new tooth. It’s a pretty common, straightforward procedure here at James C. Ma in [city,] California.

It’s time to get your smile fixed and feel great again when you flash it for everyone to see. If you’re ready to see if bridges are the answer for your cosmetic dentistry needs, call us today at 559-688-4111 to schedule an appointment.