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Emergencies are never fun, and when they happen, there’s a lot of worry and anxiety. In our blog, we mention things you can for a chipped tooth, until you can get into the dentist for treatment.

You can chip your tooth with many things, such as with food, a package you’re trying to open, eating hard candy, or by a hard object. At the office of James C. Ma, we want you to trust us with your dental care, in and out of emergency situations. Until you can get into to see Dr. James C. Ma, there are some things you can do to help pain and swelling.

Your dentist may recommend taking an anti-inflammatory and rinsing your mouth with warm water, which helps remove food particles that may get trapped in the jagged ends of a cracked or chipped tooth. A mouthwash may also help keep your teeth clean, if the tooth is sensitive to brushing. You can also try an ice pack, covered in a cloth and applied to the face. This can help decrease pain and swelling, without irritating the nerve.

There are a number of restorative procedures we may suggest, once we evaluate your tooth, and they include:

– Bonding
– Veneers
– Crowns
– Dental Implants

A chipped tooth is a common emergency issue, but can be fixed. We hope to hear from you for a chipped tooth in Tulare, California, at 559-688-4111. We are dedicated to your health and that of your family, and hope you will trust us for any dental emergency!