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Approximately 29 million Americans live with diabetes. If diabetes is a part of your life, you should work closely with your dentist to maintain a healthy mouth.

Keep in mind that people with diabetes are at a higher risk for gum disease, a fungal infection called thrush, and dry mouth. If you already have gum disease and your glucose levels aren’t properly controlled, the disease could worsen. Gum disease can also be a contributing factor in increasing your blood sugar level.

If you live with diabetes, you should let us know. People with diabetes have particular needs and we want to make sure that those needs are met. It’s important that you tell us about your condition and any medications that you are taking. If your blood sugar is not under control we may need to postpone any dental procedures that aren’t emergencies.

Since gum disease and blood sugar levels are connected, it’s a good idea to brush twice a day and floss before bed. You need to see us at least twice a year for an exam and a cleaning. Dr James C. Ma at James C. Ma, DDS is a valuable ally in the fight against diabetes. If you live in Tulare, California, give us a call at 559-688-4111 to make an appointment today. We look forward to partnering with you to fight diabetes and to give you a strong, healthy smile.