Super Smiles: Mouth Guards

One of the most effective ways to protect your smile is with the use of a high-quality mouth guard. Mouth guards are designed to provide an additional layer of protection for your teeth and gums. They come in many varieties and some can be shaped or crafted to suit your oral health needs. Once you… Read more »

A Chipped Dental Bridge Needs to Be Addressed

Patients who grind their teeth at night or who participate in vigorous athletics without the use of a protective mouth guard are at increased risk of suffering damaged teeth and dental work. If you have a chipped or damaged dental bridge or dental crown, you need to have it examined and treated by ’s dentist… Read more »

Common Questions About Dentures

Do you have questions about dentures? If so, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for. The more you know about the appliance, the better. In fact, knowing all about the appliance can help you ensure that it’s the right treatment for you and it can even help… Read more »

Should You Get a Flipper?

If are missing perhaps one or two teeth, you have some options for restoring your smile. Your dentist may suggest an implant, bridge or a partial denture. However, the idea of a great deal of hardware in your mouth may not be appealing, and implants may be out of your price range at the moment…. Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Sleep Apnea

Do you ever have issues sleeping at night? If so, it may be linked to an underlying condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that occurs when your breathing patterns are interrupted as you sleep. This can be a severely debilitating condition that can lead to serious health problems including stroke,… Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping your teeth and gums in good condition not only consists of making sure your teeth are healthy, but also that they look beautiful. The look of your smile says a lot about your character, so it is important to make sure you keep your teeth looking spectacular. A branch of dentistry focuses on the… Read more »

Care for a Chipped Tooth

Emergencies are never fun, and when they happen, there’s a lot of worry and anxiety. In our blog, we mention things you can for a chipped tooth, until you can get into the dentist for treatment. You can chip your tooth with many things, such as with food, a package you’re trying to open, eating… Read more »

What Can Cause a Dental Filling to Weaken?

Sometimes, no matter how well you clean and care for your teeth, bacteria can cause cavities, resulting in the need for dental fillings to restore your smile. Dental fillings should last several years, especially with proper care, but they will need to be replaced once they wear down. There are certain oral conditions that can… Read more »

If a Dental Crown Falls Out, You Need to Seek Dental Care

A dental crown is typically married to its anchoring abutment with professional strength dental adhesive. This secures a bond intended to hold the dental crown in place for many long years. However, there are a few rare times when something can affect a dental crown, causing it to come loose, or potentially disconnect from the… Read more »

When Should You See the Dentist?

If you break or lose a tooth, chances are good that a phone call to the dentist will be in your immediate future. But seeing the dentist should not be reserved for toothaches or other dental emergencies. In fact, regular visits to your dentist can keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and may actually help… Read more »