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Have you ever suffered from a toothache? Although pain in your teeth can be quite common, a toothache specifically refers to damage or pain that arises in your mouth due to injuries to the nerve endings in the pulp of a tooth.

If nerve damage occurs, the pain may be felt in several areas of your head, neck or face. Typically, a toothache is present if pain continues in your teeth even after medications are used. Furthermore, if severe pain continues or if you spot noticeable discharge around a tooth, it may be due to a toothache.

Oral accidents and injuries are often a leading cause of toothaches. This includes damage via blunt trauma with teeth knocked out completely or those that have been pulled. If severe pain continues 24 hours after a tooth has been knocked out or removed, visit your dentist. Additional symptoms include high fever, chills, and facial rashes that are present.

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