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Are you aware of what plaque buildup is and how it can damage your teeth and gums? It consists of a thin layer of bacteria and debris in your mouth that collects due to dietary choices and poor oral hygiene habits. If you’re not adequately taking care of your mouth, you can be susceptible to plaque buildup and all the risks it comes with.

Because plaque buildup often lays on your teeth and gums, you need to have effective brushing habits to remove it. By using soft-bristled toothbrushes and nonabrasive toothpaste, you can actually keep your mouth clean. Be sure to brush twice daily. However, it is difficult to clean between your teeth, so you’ll need to use an effective interdental tool as well. Typically, dental floss or a water flosser can clean between teeth and reach areas that your brush cannot. With a combination of brushing and flossing along with various other cleaning utensils and routine checkups at our dentist, you can help lower the risk of plaque buildup and the issues associated with it.

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