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Sometimes, no matter how well you clean and care for your teeth, bacteria can cause cavities, resulting in the need for dental fillings to restore your smile. Dental fillings should last several years, especially with proper care, but they will need to be replaced once they wear down. There are certain oral conditions that can weaken a dental filling, and we encourage you to watch out for these.

Conditions that weaken a dental filling include:

– A damaged seal: If the seal between the filling and tooth enamel is weakened, it allows bacteria and food particles to build up under the filling, causing tooth decay and eventual infection in the pulp of the tooth. At this stage, you can develop tooth abscess, a painful infection that develops around the tooth root.

– A large cavity: Tooth decay around a filling can weaken the filling itself. If you had a large filling placed, it may not be able to be replaced, and if the tooth does not have sufficient remaining structure to support a new filling, you may need to receive a crown instead.

– Constant pressure: Chewing or bruxism can put pressure on a filling, causing it to chip, crack, or become worn down. This may be completely painless, in which case you may not notice signs of a crack or fracture for a long time. If you are visiting the dentist regularly, he can identify the issue early and provide minimally invasive treatment.

– A loose filling: Time, tooth decay, and fracture can all cause a dental filling to fall out. Other causes include biting trauma and a hard blow to the face.

Like your natural teeth, dental fillings can weaken over time, and it’s important to take good care of your teeth so that your filling can last as long as possible. Dr. James C. Ma is happy to be of assistance if you need a new dental filling in Tulare, California. To schedule a visit, contact James C. Ma at 559-688-4111 today.