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You may have learned that there are a number things you should do at home if you’re hoping to help your oral health. For example, you might understand that you should floss and brush your pearly whites and watch for changes in your smile. Did you know that there are a few dental issues you should visit our dentist for, even though there are many over-the-counter options you can try? Sleep apnea is one of these issues.

Unfortunately, sleep apnea can cause many serious problems. Are you aware that individuals with sleep apnea may have to deal with problems such as headaches and fatigue, and you may be more susceptible to heart and lung issues? Our team can help you prevent these issues by creating a dental appliance specifically designed to meet your current needs. We suggest contacting us if you think you could be suffering from any of these issues.

If you try to treat this dental problem with a store-bought kit, you could actually be treating the wrong kind of sleep apnea. This is especially problematic since sleep apnea might be caused by many different issues. If you use the wrong treatment, you could aggravate your oral health even more.

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